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YES, WE DO Super Slim MultiMedia KB                Available Languages



Manufacturing slim keyboards is our specialty. In China, we have our own factory to enhance the production capacity and to assure our best quality. X-structure (Scissor) slim keyboards makes is softer and more responsive. Low-profile keystroke features like notebook. Space Save, Ergonomic contour keeps you away from the pain and strain. Slim & streamline makes a great match for your LCD monitor. Its notebook style key cap with smooth surface can let your fingers glide through the keyboard with less noise also.

Notebook Structure (Scissor)          


MS008 Super Slim Multimedia keyboard (K9960) NEW
MS006 Super Slim Multimedia keyboard (K9940) NEW
MS003 Super Slim Multimedia keyboard (K9921)
9931 Super Slim Multimedia keyboard
MS004 Super Slim Multimedia keyboard (9930)
MS005 Super Slim keyboard (9931)
MS002 Super Slim Multimedia keyboard (K8777)
1105 Full Size Super Slim keyboard (8210)
MS001 Super Slim keyboard
K724 Super Slim keyboard
MS003 Super Slim keyboard
K8232 Super Slim mini Multimedia Keyboard
MS007 Super Slim Multimedia keyboard (K9950)
8213 Super Slim Multimedia keyboard
8212 Super Slim keyboard
9921 Ergo Super Slim Multimedia keyboard

9923 Super Slim Multimedia keyboard


8211 Ergo Super Slim keyboard


Stylish & Clean white extended keyboard. Low profile Scissor keys reduces key stroke travel distances and eases pressure on your finger tips.


K-713 Full Size Super Slim keyboard



Available Languages:

Asia: Bangladesh/Cambodia/Hebrew/Kampuchea/Korea/Russian/Thailand/Turkey

America: Brazil/US

Europe: Belgium/Belgium-French/Bulgaria/Czech/Denmark/French/German/Greek/Hungary/Italy/Norway/Polish/Portugal/Slovakia/Spanish/Sweden/UK/Ukrainian

Middle East: Arabic/Arabic-French/Persian


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The idea of developing Slim Keyboards is to companion with LCD Monitors. With the space saver advantage of LCD monitors, Slim Keyboards can also create elegant appearance and high-end value.