Specification: Drive Bays: 45.25" ,23.5"; 5X3.5"Hidden

LCD Indicator: Temperature of CPU (VGA)/Temperature Scale/HDD Sign/Fan Speed/Time/Power Sign

Expansion slot: 7 PCS

Explain: Case size: 470190430

Pack size: 500228475

Main Board: P4 main board
@@@@@@ATX main board

Power supply type: P4 power

Weigh: 7 Kg

40HQ:1030 pcs / 40':880 pcs / 20GP:420 PCS

Specification: Drive Bays: 45.25"+6x3.5"
Explain: long case
@@ size:460X190X430
Main Board: P4 Mainboard
@@@@@@ATX Mainboard
All the 4+2(4 pcs 5"bay+2 pcs 3.5" bay exposed+4 pcs 3.5" drive hidden) case could fit to this structure

Option: CPU FAN