USB 2.0 PC Combo ATM/SIM and Memory Card Reader









USB 2.0 PC Combo Card Reader provides usb interface to read and write to a smart card and all popular flash card . The device includes support for relevant security standards. With EMV certification you can assume your data will be transmitted securely. It's the best choice for Home Banking and E-commerce. Use the ATM/SIM Card Reader you are always on the safe side.

The Memory Card Reader supports all flash memory cards. A smart and powerful card reader 3.5" must have an own closed metal body, a base metal plate plus a metal top cover, of chassis for shielding and a must of pass following requirements:

•  CE/FCC report passed EMI minus 6

•  Pass ESD 8KV air discharge

•  Pass USB IF: stable and high speed Memory card performance.

•  Controller pass all items of Sony Memory Sticker Implementation
     Check Procedure and a must of Sony Memory Sticker Licensor

•  Most reliable and compatibility IC solution in the world Stable and
     high speed Memory card performance.



  • Dimensions : fits in a standard 3.5 inch floppy bay

  • Power Consumption : USB with 5V¡Ó5%,45mA

  • Card Interface : Standard:ISO7 8161/2/3 T=0 and T=1 protocol

  • Connection : Usb cable connection with MB usb pin

  • Power LED : LED color is Green

  • Card to enter : LED color is Red

  • Smart card Connector : 8 pin, Friction Technology

  • Interface : USB 1.1 & USB 2.0

  • Durability : min 200,000 cycles

  • Smart card : I 2C ¡B SLE4428 ¡B SLE4432 ¡B SLE4442 ¡B AT88SC1608R&AT45D041

      Memory Card Reader

  • Power LED : LED color is Green

  • Card to ente : LED color is Red

  • Supports flash memory card formats : Compact Flash Card type I/type II ¡A IBM Micro drive ¡A Smart Media Card ¡A Secure Digital Card ¡A Multi Media Card ¡A Sony Memory Stick ¡A Memory Stick Duo ¡A Memory Stick Pro ¡A Memory Stick ROM ¡A Memory Stick Pro Duo ¡A Memory Stick Magic Gate family ¡A xD card

Software & System requirements

  • Smart Card Support : ISO7816 T=0, T=1,EMV, JICSAP, 2/3 BUS I 2C /Extended I 2C memory cards

  • Operating System Support : Windows 98 / ME/ 2000/XP/ NT4.0 / Linux

  • API Support : Personal Computer Smart Card Group (PC/SC) API EMV and Microsoft PC/SC compatible

  • EMV : EMV2000 Level 1 Certified

  • Smart Card Reader Approvals : Microsoft WHQL Me, 2000, XP, PC/SC Compliant


  • Safety & Environmental Standard : FCC , CE

  • BSMI : yes

  • EMV: Europay MasterCard Visa : EMV2000 Level

  • USB IF : yes