ˇ@ JFX_625
ˇ@ ˇ@ ˇ@
  1. Function brief introduction Movable electronic hard disc
  2. high-speed USB port supporting music play formats of MP3 and WMA, Built-in English-Chinese dictionary
  3. supporting portable search function
  4. 250 thousand lyric vocabulary, world advanced technology
  5. supporting download of E-book in normal formats
  6. huge memory
  7. large-screen scanning
  8. Chinese (simplified/traditional)
  9. LCD blue background light display
  10. adjustable display contrast and background
  11. FM radio receiver, adjustable more than 10 bands
  12. Function of classified word learning, strong function of ˇ§dynamic voice repeating"
  13. Adopting super stable adopting jazz, Classical, ROCK, POP and NORMAL music effect
  14. dot matrix in Chinese and English
  15. A-grade FLASH chip, more safe data memory
  16. multi-level wave filter decoding chip, filtration noise impurity
  17. Light startup time
  18. supporting WINDOWS98/Me/2000/XP, no drive program is required in systems beyond Win98
  19. Adopting advanced international nanometer technology
  20. large nanometer screen design
  21. anti-scribing and wear resisting.