• CD Direct Record
  • Animation Protect Display
  • USB Port Hidden Design
  • OLED Display


  1. Movable electronic hard disk, Super high speed USB2.0 port (USB Port Hidden Design)

2. Support MP3/WMA music play formats

3. Built-in FM Tuner, which could be record FM tuning contents

4. Original sound could be played, with high-quality record about 8 hours

5. Support ID3 tag information (Synchronized display of song names and its related lyrics)

6. Support Multi-languages display

7. A-B repeat function, 6 kinds of EQ settings

8. OLED colorful screen LCD display

9. Contrast could be adjustable and shown, adjustable backlight color and startup time

10. No drive program is required in systems beyond windows 98 or above

11. Apply for ¡§Sigmatel3502¡¨ Solution

12. Dimension:58x38x12mm