Computer Slim Keyboard OEM/ODM Manufacturer in Taiwan China

人體工學電腦鍵盤供應製造廠    Available Languages


Common Keyboard        with BLUE LED is avaiable


8841 Standard Keyboard   8881 Ergonomic Keyboard
8851 Economic Keyboard


Option:COMBO with BLUE LED

  8871 Standard Keyboard
8831 Standard Keyboard   8875 color: SILVER/BLUE
8811 Standard Keyboard   8821 Standard Keyboard
8891 Standard Keyboard  

8780 Standard Keyboard

 8779 Standard Keyboard  

8872A Standard Keyboard



Available Languages:

Asia: Bangladesh/Cambodia/Hebrew/Japan/Kampuchea/Korea/Russian/Thailand/Turkey

America: Brazil/US

Europe: Belgium/Belgium-French/Bulgaria/Czech/Denmark/French/German/Greek/Hungary/Italy/Norway/Polish/Portugal/Slovakia/Spanish/Sweden/UK/Ukrainian

Middle East: Arabic/Arabic-French/Persian


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