USB 2.0 Internal ATM/SIM Card Reader









USB 2.0 Internal ATM/SIM Card Reader provides usb interface to read and write to a smart card. The device includes support for relevant security standards. With EMV certification you can assume your data will be transmitted securely. It's the best choice for Home Banking and E-commerce. Use the ATM/SIM Card Reader you are always on the safe side.

The ATM/SIM Card Reader is one of Double H's high performance PC/SC smart card readers. The ATM/SIM Card Reader fits in a standard 3.5 inch drive bay. The Reader/Writer is available as a USB 2.0 Full Speed device, connected to an internal or external USB port.



  • Support USB 2.0 in one device

  • Suitable for mobile PC environment

  • Easy to backup data

  • Quickly transfer large amount and large size of files directly from one PC to another


  • Dimensions : fits in a standard 3.5 inch floppy bay

  • Power Consumption : USB with 5V¡Ó5%,45mA

  • Card Interface : Standard:ISO7 8161/2/3 T=0 and T=1 protocol

  • Connection : Usb cable connection with MB usb pin

  • Power LED : LED color is Green

  • Card to enter : LED color is Red

  • Smart card Connector : 8 pin, Friction Technology

  • Interface : USB 1.1 & USB 2.0

  • Durability : min 200,000 cycles

  • Smart card : I 2C ¡B SLE4428 ¡B SLE4432 ¡B SLE4442 ¡B AT88SC1608R&AT45D041

Software & System requirements

  • Smart Card Support : ISO7816 T=0, T=1,EMV, JICSAP, 2/3 BUS I 2C /Extended I 2C memory cards

  • Operating System Support : Windows 98 / ME/ 2000/XP/ NT4.0 Linux

  • API Support : Personal Computer Smart Card Group (PC/SC) API EMV and Microsoft PC/SC compatible

  • EMV : EMV2000 Level 1 Certified

  • Smart Card Reader Approvals : Microsoft WHQL Me, 2000, XP, PC/SC Compliant


  • Safety & Environmental Standard : FCC Class B, VCCI, CE

  • BSMI : yes

  • EMV: Europay MasterCard Visa : EMV2000 Level